Morgan Beck Miller 1 Year After Daughter’s Tragic Death Expecting Twins

There don’t seem to be one, however 2 babies on the means for auspicate Miller and Morgan motion Miller!

The married alpine ski racer and beach volleyball professional discovered on these days they are expecting monozygous twin boys, transferral Bode’s old suggestion to life.

“Bode from the start of our relationship has invariably same i need monozygous twin boys born on my birthday and now, after we observed i used to be pregnant, I said, ‘Do you think that it’s twin boys this time?’ And he same, ‘No,’ thus I visited the ultrasound on my own and sure as shooting monozygous twin boys,” Morgan explained to Today’s Savannah jongleur.

The announcement comes simply over a year since their 19-month-old female offspring Emeline “Emmy” Miller tragically died following a drowning accident at a neighbor’s pool. Four months later, the couple welcome son Easton.

Morgan same the baby boy reminds them “so a lot of of Emmy” and is “such an ideal addition” to their family. “It’s like he was looking forward to U.S.A. to bring him into this world,” the expectant mother same. She and auspicate are folks to 4-year-old son writer and also the Olympian is begetter to 6-year-old son Samuel and 11-year-old female offspring Neesyn from previous relationships.

The couple have place their newest addition in baby swim coaching and are advocating for water safety to stop the accident their female offspring Janus-faced as they forge ahead as a family.

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