Joe Biden has literally no Facebook groups or sub Reddits but is winning?

Joe Biden basically has no Facebook groups or sub Reddit’s but he’s winning?

That doesn’t seem very odd to people?

Can you really believe someone who is winning has basically no online supporters?

You can pretend his supporters don’t have Facebook because they’re old but I bet you’re mom and grandma has Facebook. This is a falsehood. It’s to get us all behind him because he’s got the best chance right?

It’s like you all forgot about 2016 the people who believe in Bernie and other real progressives will not vote for a corrupt lying politician like Biden, just like they didn’t for Hillary.

It’s like you all forgot about how easy a 5th grader can hack a USB stick or a voting system. We have PayPal that’s basically unhackable but our voting machines can be hacked by a 12 year old? It’s not because we don’t have the technology it’s because we don’t want unhackable elections.

Biden is a creepier, don’t believe me? Go to YouTube the multiple times he clearly grabbed a young girls breasts. But it’s by accident right? Pff…

Go look at how he has tried over and over to cut social security, and old people love that right? They only paid into it their entire life. Pff…

Are we all actually that stupid to not once look into who we are voting for, or do we just hate trump and really think Biden is anything different. My guess is both, but who knows when our voting machines are so easily hackable?


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