Covid-19 mortality rate as of 3/21/20 is 4.15%

The current mortality rates with basic math is 4.15%


Go do the math yourself.

284,712 Total cases.

11,842 Total deaths.
Now we should keep in mind that does equate to a 4.15% mortality rate and the flu is only 0.1% but you must understand we cannot keep accurate tallies on how many are infected .
Many people are being sent home without testing, we simply cannot supply enough testing kits for everyone to be tested. So the numbers maybe way off we probably have more like 1 million infected.
This would give us a much better mortality rate, it still wouldn’t be good but much better….
Millions of people can’t just go to the doctor to be tested, not just because of the lack of testing kits, but because they can’t afford the deductible it would cost just to visit the doctor.
This is a big issue our hospitals are going to be over capacity very quickly.
Our 99% of people will be out of food and money within a week or two. Think about it do you have absolutely no income in 2 weeks how do you pay the bills? How do you pay the rent?
The government says you will get $1,200 in a week or two, but the government moves slow this is a falsehood. The Obama stimulus took over 2 months, you will not see anything any sooner, plain and simple. If you believe a magic check will appear in your mailbox in 2 weeks you have been duped once again.
Even if some magic check appears for $1,200 is that really gonna hold you over for a month or maybe two? Maybe three? How long is your job going to be shut down? This is a worthless bill that will only help billionaires not you.
This isn’t $1,200 a month this is a one time “rebate” that’s right they literally are calling it a “rebate” go look it up.
Say you work at red lobster, the owners will get a nice check maybe? But you won’t. The airlines who make billions will get a nice check but you won’t.
How about the airlines who just spent $45 billion buying back stock sell their stock? Rather than asking us tax payers to give them $50 billion?
Have we really got to a point of anything big is to big to fail? Or should we say you fucked up? It’s not like if we don’t bailout the airlines there will never be airlines ever again lol. That’s comical. But they basically have convinced the average Joe that’s what will happen.
How about this we ask bill gates and elon musk to bail them out for 50% of the companies? I bet they would take that offer, but why would they when it’s free money?
If you’re so desperate for money do you shut down file bankruptcy or do you sell stock? Beggers can’t be choosers right?
Its all a joke on “us” the people to be honest. We are so dumb we don’t even see it. We think Trump is doing a good job totally forgetting not that long ago he called this a “hoax” and told everyone to go about your day, when a responsible president would have said “say at home if you can, this is only going to get under control if we all take it seriously” not act like a child and say it’s a hoax, then saying “we have it under control”
The trump supporters have to own up for once and admit trump fucked up. It doesn’t matter he is finally taking action. It’s a little late bruh….


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